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Pat Hinton Walker, PhD, RN, FAAN
MCC, SEI, CBCC, and NBC-HWC (Social Emotional Intelligence, Health and Wellness National Certification)
Stepping Stones Coaching
901 Pleasant Dr.
Rockville, MD

Welcome to Stepping Stones Coaching and Consulting . . .


What’s your next step . . . in life, in your profession, career, coaching, business and how does your healthy lifestyle allow you to 'be all you can be'?  Is it time for you to make a change and take charge of your next steps personally and professionally?  Coaching and Coaching you as a Mentor can help you!  You set the agenda and as your coach, I assist you to take the next steps to get where you want to be. 


Life brings all type of opportunities for transitions . . . some you plan and some just happen!  Whether you are experiencing a ‘happening’or wanting to take charge, coaching will help you find, plan, and take the actions necessary to reach your next horizon. AND I want to assist you to find the work-life harmony to shape those opportunities in ways that are best for you!


Coaching allows me to maximize the use of my gifts to serve others and the success stories of my clients provide a picture of what we can accomplish together.  When I am your coach, my purpose is to help you clarify what you want/need to fulfill your purposes or calling and determine the best path . . . steps to get there.  I invite you to try my offer of a complimentary session and see what stepping stones you want to take to your preferred tomorrow! 


I can be reached at phintonwalker@gmail.com and by phone or text at           240-426-8268.  After the complimentary session, we can discuss options for assessments and timing to assist you in your pursuit of the next steps in your journey!  Pat

Who Am I?  Who is Dr. Patricia Hinton Walker? 


As an experienced consultant, coach, educator, team builder and member of the MentorCoach Trainer Team, Pat Hinton Walker, PhD, RN, FAAN, MCC, SEI, CBCC, CMC grew up on a farm in Western Kansas and still treasures her rural roots.  Although her nursing, consulting and background have taken her to many parts of the world, she still relates to people from her humble beginnings.  She is also national board certified in health and wellness coaching (NBC-HWC).  Pat brings her love of coaching and consulting with leaders and executive along with her passion for teaching to make a difference in people's lives to a successful executive, career and health/wellness coaching practice.  Pat’s clients are individuals, groups  and organizations who are interested in advancing  their business relationships, improving teamwork, and achieveing success while attending to health and wellness in order to facilitate improved functioning and reduce health-related organizational costs.   She also works with individuals, groups and organizations in their search for matching energies and messages to purpose, and their ‘calling’.  She also works with individuals clients on managing their healthy lifestyles which is involved in every relationship even when not originally identified by the client.   She frequently coaches clients who are interested in promotion to a new role or executive positions, or executives considering 'moving to next life transition'.  For career clients, she coaches them through the discovery phase of determining the ‘right fit’ to a new role,  helps sharpen the resume, then through the application and interview process.  When the position is offered , and it almost always is, then the client is coached through negotiations and on-boarding into the new role!  She incorporates body-centered coaching in addition to her knowledge/experience in positive psychology and neuroscience in her coaching practice and teaching. 

Pat’s unique coaching approach reflects her diverse background and experience.  She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing, and a Master’s and PhD with a focus on adult education and higher education administration/leadership.  After serving in health care administration roles, as a Vice President in a Department of Defense organization, serving as Dean at more than one university, she recently stepped out of her Vice Presidency in order to pursue coaching, consulting and organizational development in a variety of organizations full time!   Her executive experience in business and health care delivery settings, academic institutions,  along with her entrepreneurial  experience provides a wealth of experience in her coaching and consulting business.

attended the MentorCoach training program, achieved her certification as Certified Mentor Coach (CMC)  and has obtained her Master Coaching Certification (MCC) from the International Coach Foundation (ICF).  She is  coordinator of the Health and Wellness coaching option/certification at MentorCoach and teaches two of the four health and wellness coaching classes.  She serves on the Advisory Board of the International Credentialing of Health and Wellness Coaching (ICHWC). Also, she is certified  to administer and interpret the Myers Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI) and Emotional Intelligence Profile (EIP) and she had additional training on both the MBTI and EIQ in coaching.  These two assessments support a significant part of Pat’s coaching practice. Pat is also involved and provides leadership for the Certification Process for Body-Centered Coaches with Marlena Field, PCC, CPCC.

Hinton Walker Associates was founded by Pat in the early 1980’s and Stepping Stones Coaching and Consulting was built on this successful business.  Since then, she provided consultation nationally and internationally in organizational and business development and team building, the application of innovations in technology and informatics in both practice and education, cost and quality outcomes of community-based care, and patient safety.  She served as a consultant nationally in both rural and large healthcare settings from the deep south to Canada  including a long term consultation for the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center.  She has been (and continues to be) sought after for keynote presentations, coaching, consultation and workshops on a variety of topics within her expertise locally, nationally and internationally.  In addition to assisting consultation major public and private universities across the U.S. with change and innovation, she has provided keynotes and consultations in Taiwan, Canada, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, United Kingdom, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Saudia Arabia, and Brazil.

Pat has a love for people and enjoys opportunities to mentor, coach individuals and groups in addition to her long-standing consultation practice.  She serves on national boards and expert panels and is more than willing to leverage her vast national and international network with colleagues and students.
  As a successful academician and coach, she particularly loves teaching and helping others achieve their passion/purposes and also career- related goals.  

Pat is an avid writer and has published in interdisciplinary and nursing publications.   She edited four books and continues to provide presentations, coaching and workshops about change in healthcare and education, leadership, policy changes and health information technology (IT).  

She is married, and she and her husband John live in the national capitol region in the United States.  With children grown and a growing number of grandchildren, Pat and John carefully plan special time with family around busy careers.
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