FAQs on Coaching

From Coaching Client, S.K. Chase in Florida:
"My experience of Pat has been one of gentle guidance and warm support with a real sense of shared investment in my development.  We began by exploring several life assessment formats. 

Although I had completed some of these in the past, Pat interpreted my Myers-Briggs results with a fresh view that I had not experienced before. I also particularly found energy in using the Pearson-Marr Archetypes.

She often goes back to supporting me in grounding my choices based in my deeper understanding of my own strengths and areas for growth.

She shares of herself and her experience, and our relationship has evolved to one of colleagues on a journey.

I think that I more flexibly respond to life challenges because of this deeper understanding of myself and my path". 


Comments from L. Belsten, MCC:
"I have had the opportunity to come to know Pat as an excellent coach, one with a solid understanding of core and advanced coaching techniques, models and skills.  

Pat is an astute and deep listener, hearing things that are said as well as unsaid.  She asks smart questions designed to stimulate new, innovative and critical thinking.  She has a supportive and encouraging style, and is able to establish a solid coaching rapport very quickly with her clients.

I give Pat my highest recommendation for the PCC designation, and  believe her to be coaching at the Master Coaching level."

What is coaching?

Coaching is a technology-based approach to personal and professional development based historically on concepts from sports, business, spirituality, psychology and organizational development.  Coaching is for passionate, purpose-driven people who want more from their personal and professional lives. A coach helps them clarify their 'vision' and set larger, more rewarding goals, develop a strategy to achieve them and provide support throughout the process.  Whether in health and wellness coaching, career, executive or just dealing with life and life transitions, it is about YOU and what you want as 'next steps'!  We make sure that your 'preferred tomorrow is YOURS - coming from the desires of the heart and body - because we know that somewhere deep inside you, you KNOW what you need and want.  Our goal is to assist you with respect to your pace, timing, direction to achieve your personal and professional goals!  

Why does coaching work?

Coaching works when there are two factors present: 1) The client wants and is willing to grow, change, take the necessary steps to move forward, and 2) The client is somewhere between where they are now and their preferred tomorrow!

Successful coaching clients know the value of sharing ideas, perspectives and strategies with someone who supports them.  They want a coach who is subjective to be supportive and not tell them what to do, yet objective enough not to be biased or self-serving. Talking about options, exploring actions . . . taking next steps with someone who is there solely for the client is coaching!  Frequently the coach is helping the client get clarity about decisions that the client already ‘senses’ is the right direction but hasn’t yet articulated it. 

Coaching works uniquely because there are two important aspects to each coaching session:  increased client awareness . . .  and forward action . . . specific commitment to take the next steps!  Some coaches use assessment such as the Myers-Briggs Inventory or Emotional Intelligence positive psychology assessments to increase awareness of values, preferred strategies, etc.  With a variety of specific approaches, Coaching works because of: 

SYNERGY: Client and coach become a team, focusing
on the client's goals and agenda,  accomplishing more than the client could or would do alone.
STRUCTURE: With a coach, the client uses a variety of strategic, customized approaches such as accountability, that help the client take more actions, think bigger and get the job done.
EXPERTISE: The coach knows how to help career-minded people make better decisions, set achievable goals, set achievable goals, develop new skills for communicating and restructure their professional and personal lives for maximum productivity.

What happens when you begin a contract with a coach?

You take yourself and what you want more seriously.
immediately take more effective and focused actions immediately.
create momentum to achieve more and do what you need to do.
You pay attention to balance and using your personal power more consistently.
You set personal goals that are clear and meet your needs.
identify and eliminate the barriers that get in the way of goals achievement.
realize you already knew what was best for you inside, but were not always clear.
communicate what you need and want more effectively to achieve desired outcomes.


Where do you start with a coach?

Most coaches begin with an initial client meeting designed to get to know each other, learn about the coaching relationship, and to clarify client’s goals, needs, and/or challenges that coaching can address. During this meeting, both parties design the agenda, the parameters of the relationship and determine the schedule for the regular coaching relationship to take place. 

How do the coaching sessions work?

Coaching is generally done over the phone, allowing the frequent, regular contact, it makes it easy to stay in the "coaching relationship". This allows the client to call from anywhere . . . office, home, car or hotel. Most people are coached a minimum of two hours a month, in either four 30-45 minute sessions, or two or three 1-hour sessions depending on the need and time-sensitive issues related to goal-achievement. Many individuals choose to be coached once a week in order to stay on track . . . getting to their preferred tomorrow!

The focus of the call is determined by the client and the coach helps clarify goals and direction and then assists in identifying necessary steps and actions to take next.  At Stepping Stones Coaching, we help clients who take on a large goal to divide the path into achievable steps and provide the support and structure needed to ensure goal attainment. We bring out the clients' best by helping them  strategize, offering advice only when requested, expecting win-wins and celebrating the wins. Generally, "action steps" need to be taken between sessions and the client and coach mutually determine the action and/or inquiry/reflection that would help the client reach their desired state of being . . . their preferred tomorrow! 

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