MBTI Coaching

MBTI concept-based coaching provides a solid framework to the complex and often chaotic interactions among people.  And, looking at developmental needs of self and others through the lens of Type makes it, more often than not, an enjoyable and effective experience.

We are all more than simply a set of skills, knowledge, and competencies.  We all have preferences for how we are energized, how we take in information, and how we make decisions and relate to the world.  These are concepts of psychological Type and they can be measured by the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

Myers-Briggs Coaching is effective for Individuals, organizations and building teams!

Why is it important to have a coach who is qualified to use the MBTI?  Coaches who use the MBTI can help clients not only understand why they may have gotten certain feedback from others regarding their styles, but can also identify steps and skills that can lead the client to increased personal, interpersonal, and professional effectiveness. 

Specifically, coaches who use Type help clients:

1.      identify and develop their strengths,

2.      recognize and learn to compensate for or manage blind spots or developmental needs,

3.      strategize for career and personal development,

4.      communicate more clearly to other Types and realize why others with different Types may not have understood the client,

5.      recognize how it is possible to use Types to help resolve conflict,

6.      provide feedback to others in a Type-sensitive yet accurate manner,

7.      provide others with nonjudgmental language, and,

8.      design plans of action that take into account others’ Types.

    Psychological Type is not a box into which we are put by others; it is way to understand our preferences, how our preferences affect others, and how theirs affect us.  Type doesn’t explain everything nor everyone perfectly, there is room for individuality, but it does provide a framework within which everyone, including ourselves, make much better sense.  Finally, by use of the MBTI framework, we can understand better why people do and say the things that they do.  And, through MBTI concept-based coaching, we can become more effective and successful.

You can expect, as a result of MBTI concept-based coaching, the following outcomes:
        1.      development of personal and interpersonal skills,     
        2.      leadership development plans,     
        3.      paths to more success within conflicts        
        4.      help in career direction,     
        5.      placing employees in environments to be most productive for them and the company,   
        6.      assessment whether employee issues are developmental or related to Type difference.

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