Having a coach who understands and uses the Pearson-Marr Archetype Indicator Instrument (PMAI) can help you find yourself and in the process discover your gifts and your greatness.  “While living one’s calling used to be required only for artists, religious leaders, and societal leaders, it is now important for everyone.  The problems facing the world are so great that they cannot be addressed solely by a few special people. We all need to bring our best and wisest selves to our workplaces, families, and communities.” Depth Coaching, Patriciaa R. Adson, Ph.D. 2004, CAPT, Gainsville, FL.

The PMAI identifies and explains twelve Archetypes in three groups of four.  To help summarize, one Archetype from each group is listed below:

1.       One group is the group of Archetypes that have helped you and the rest of humanity to survive through the millennia.  Warrior is one of the three Archetypes within this group.

2.       The second group is responsible for helping you and others find yourselves and express your gifts.  Seeker is one of the three Archetypes within this group.

3.       The third group is responsible for helping you and others live authentically, making a positive contribution to the world while also experiencing personal fulfillment.  Sage is one of the three Archetypes within this group.

What steps are you taking on your 'yellow brick road' journey at this time . . . and what is the narrative stories that are accompanying you? A Ruler? A Sage? A Seeker?  A Warrior?  
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We connect with each other frequently by telling stories.  And, through those stories, we attempt to explain ourselves to others and we seek to understand ourselves.  The story of our life is a tale we tell that says who we are, what we want, and what we can or can’t do in or with our life.

Our life stories have distinct characters and endings that tell of degrees of success or failure, happiness or sadness, or satisfaction.  The main characters usually represent parts of ourselves that may or may not be “acting”, they may just be “advising” or “influencing” us.  The characters in our stories carry substantial weight with us whether they are “acting”, “advising” or “influencing” us.  They are called Archetypes.

Your unconscious can act to choose those parts (Archetypes) of you that are most relevant or beneficial during a particular part of your Life Journey.  But the more you understand about your journey, the more your unconscious can share in this process of Archetype selection.  PMAI-based coaching can help you achieve that advanced level of self management by letting you know which of these timeless characters are active in your life at any given time.  The result can be greater success, effectiveness and fulfillment.  “Archetypes are psychological structures reflected in symbols, images, and themes common to all cultures and all times.” (Introduction to Archetypes, Carol S. Pearson and Hugh K. Marr, 2002, Center for Applications of Psychological Type, Inc.

At any time during our individual journey, archetypes may reveal our most important desires and goals.  These can be thought of as software to help us accomplish something; but the software could be of no help if you confused its function.  For example, the Warrior helps people be more focused, disciplined and tough. So, it’s important to understand that the archetype be relevant to the task or part of your journey that you are facing.  If your journey is taking you through dating after twenty years of not dating, then acting out a war story is not going to help.  At the same time, most people find it wise not to go to war with the Innocent’s vulnerability or the Jester’s  (two other archetypes) playfulness.

“Archetypal resources live in each one of us and can be activated, developed, awakened, or called forth at various stages and ages of our lives.  However, although archetypes are universal, innate predispositions, they will appear a little differently to each person because they are filtered through our culture and life experiences.” Campbell, J. 1968. The hero with a thousand faces. Princeton NJ: Bollingen Series.

“We are aided on our journey by inner guides, or archetypes, each of which exemplifies a way of being on the journey…Each has a lesson to teach us, and presides over a stage of the journey.” Carol Pearson in Awakening the Heroes Within.


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