From Client, Stephen B., Texas: 

"At the time, I was faced with the challenges of being unemployed and was conducting an aggressive search for an executive level management position in which I could fully realize my servant leadership skills, improve personnel management practices and product quality. Dr. Walker's excellent coaching skills definitely helped me land and hold the job of my dreams.  Employing Pat as my coach was the best investment I have made in my 36 year professional career."
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Body-Centered Coaching Certification (CBCC) with Marlena Fields in collaboration with Pat Hinton Walker @ Coaching Stepping Stones. 

It will be month program designed over several months (Late fall of 2017 through Spring of 2018) and will have a limited class size. 

Both Marlena and Pat are open to answering any questions you may have so please contact them for additional questions and information.   

Contact Marlena at:  


                    OR  Pat at:


Education and experience eligibility requirements include: To be eligible for the Body-Centered Certification (CBCC) certifying process, professionals must meet requirements for demonstrating both education and coaching experience.  

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